MyBackOffice – Payroll Management System

MyBackOffice – Payroll Management System


MyBackOffice is single-login Business Backoffice System and is specially designed by Krtya Software for easy implementation of back office actions by the executives of the organization. This type of Business Backoffice System is very reliable when it comes to maintaining and recording entries of the tasks done or yet to be done. Every record is disclosed in the system which allows the managers to be aware of the current scenario of the company. Payroll management system is an integral part of Back office system. Payroll Software has the ability to calculate salary which can be seen by the end users. Following are the modules that comes along this Business Backoffice Software:

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Employee and Payroll Management: The required information of the employees is recorded and maintained under this module. Also, payroll is done with the help of this software which is integrated with the Attendance and Leave Management modules. Payroll Management system also integrates with the attendance and leave management module. Payroll Software is the summation of all the financial records of salaries for an employee, their wages, bonuses, deductions and leaves which can be examined by the employees.

Finance: This module will be handled by the accounts department, where they can maintain all the financial records accurately.

Enquiry (CRM): Enquiries that comes are disclosed in this module of Business Backoffice System due to which the management could know about the requirements of their clients.

Inventory and Assets Management: The purchase will be using this module which will allow them to know about the inventories present in the premises and what other inventories are required to be purchased.

Attendance and Leave Management: This modules maintains the attendance of each employee. Also, the carry forward and lapsed leave of any employee are taken care of under this module of leave management.

Front-Desk Management and Visitors' Tracking: This module lessens the work-load from the receptionist because all the tasks could be done on the system using this Business Backoffice System. The record of each visitor is managed effectively by this module.

Important Notices: Employees are kept updated of news and notices related to company with the help of this module.

SMS Module:This module could be very much effective since it helps in keeping the customers updated about the latest schemes that the company would launch. Bulk messages could be delivered at the same time to every concerned individual.

Address Book: All the contact details of every customer and every supplier could be found at this place. It makes it easy for the company to contact anyone with the help of this address book.

Multi-Branch Access: MyBackOffice offers this feature of Multi-Branch Access for quick co-ordination amongst the other branches of the company. It is effective as well as reliable.

MyBackoffice is an easy-to-undrstand Business Backoffice Software which could be operated by any individual having basic knowledge of using computer. No technical knowledge is required to access this Business Backoffice Software.

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