MyiSchool - Online School Management System

MyiSchool - Online School Management System


MyiSchool is the multi-featured Online School Management System developed by Krtya Software. This software is designed for the education institutions providing them with an ERP solution to manage the administration process properly. MyiSchool has the feature of Multi-login, making it convenient for every member of the institution to be updated. Following are some more features which could be of advanced use to any education institution:

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Student Registration: This feature of student registration includes Student Admission Enquiry Management which would resolve the queries of the enquiries raised by the customers. The record of the students registered during the enquiry and admission is maintained.

Class Time-table: This Online School Management System also provides the feature of preparing a class time-table via this software. This class time-table is disclosed to the teachers, parents and students' dashboard for their information.

Fees Management: This feature has a fee management template where different fee heads are defined, example, Admission Fee, Library Fee, Tuition Fee, etc.

Transport Management: Transport Management is another important feature of this School Management System, where, the parents are assured the safety and security of their child. Also, it will guide the driver about what way should be preferred by him. It includes SMS Management which means that the parents are notified regarding the whereabouts of their child.

Payroll Management: This module allows the institution to manage the salary management of the employees effectively.

Library Management: This module makes it easy for the librarian to maintain all the accurate record of books issued by teachers and students, their due date of returning and also the books available in shelf.

Inventory & Asset Management: This helps in maintaining the record of all the assets and inventories like stationery, benches, other fixed assets, etc of the institution.

Employee Management: This feature is designed to keep a record of all the employees whether existing or ex-employees. It maintains the basic information of employees and also their attendance.

Exam Schedule and Exam Results: This School Management Software offers the module of Lesson Planning, where, the exam-schedule along with exam results are taken care of.

Attendance Management: It is integrated with the biometric machine and accordingly maintains the attendance of students, teachers and rest staff of the institution. This attendance management feature will ultimately keep a record of carry forward and lapsed leaves too.

I-Card Generator: I-cards are generated when the students and employees registration is done in the system.

Important Notices: All the important notifications are mentioned at the dashboards of this School Management Software to keep the students and teachers updated about the news and upcoming events of the institution.

SMS Module: This module of MyiSchool is for sending text messages in bulk to students, parents, staff of the school, whenever required.

Address Book: This function will help to feed down the contact details of each individual that is associated with the school. All the contact details could be found at one place. An email or a text message could be direct sent to the concerned person from this address book.

MyiSchool is the competent School Management Software consisting of all the modules that would help in smooth working of an educational institution.

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